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Eviction Support For Properties in Cape Town (Cape Town)
Eviction Help in Cape Town
Rubensteins Legal professionals, one of the top attorneys in Cape Town for business law, criminal law, crime and defence lawyers, negligence, debt recovery, residential property law, legal document preparation, lawsuits and related disputes.
Should you have an eviction case situated in the Cape Town area then contact us at Legal Eviction for help or legal advice for your case.

Devoted to legal excellency.

The law is complicated. We are not.

We are service providers in the business of real estate law and possess a comprehensive experience of the commercial and legal criteria.

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Family & Commercial Litigation Attorneys in Cape Town

  • Home and Business Evictions
  • Insolvency
  • Interdicts
  • Counsel on Commercial Dealings
  • Formulation of Legal Case
  • Settlement Cases
  • Insurance protection law
Conveyancing and Real estate

  • Registration of Servitudes
  • Filing of General and Sectional Title Transfers
  • Real estate Transfers
  • Deeds registry searches
  • Contribution Transfers
  • Sub-division as well as Consolidations
  • Remediation of Limitations in Title Deed Issues
We all dream of our ideal leasing world: the Renter that continuously pays on time, or the Landlord which is constantly happy to help. The Tenant/Landlord collaboration, however, could be a tricky one to deal with. In the real world, matters are not usually so uncomplicated, in many cases this partnership can turn ugly.
We are plain talking advisers, who take the time to help you identify, be aware and deal with the risks and advantages of your predicament, no matter if it is your personal or company related.

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