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The simplified eviction process

Letter of Demand

This is the first step to put the tenant in breach (i.e that they have failed to pay the rent required by the lease agreement) and to give them 20 business days to remedy this breach, as is required by law.

Letter of Cancellation

If the tenant fails to comply with the Letter of Demand, you are entitled to cancel the lease and demand that they vacate immediately. If they fail to vacate, the tenant is in unlawful occupation and you are entitled to apply to Court to evict them.

Eviction Application

The application consists of a Request for Permission to Serve, a Notice of Motion and a Founding Affidavit. We draft these necessary documents for you and will appear in front of a Magistrate in Chambers at court to request permission to serve the eviction application. Once this is obtained, the application is served on the unlawful occupier and they are given a date in which to appear at Court for the hearing.

Court Appearance

If the matter is unopposed, then you are entitled to an Eviction Order which will give the tenant a certain amount of time to vacate before the Sheriff ejects them from the premises. If the application is opposed then we are required to present argument before a Magistrate.