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Eviction Support For Properties in Atlantis (Cape Town)
Eviction Help in Atlantis
Rubensteins Attorneys, one of the most renowned law firms in Atlantis for business law, criminal law, crime and defence lawyers, negligence, debt recovery, commercial property law, legal document preparation, litigation and related disputes.
We are serious about law and passionate about people, which is why we position tremendous importance on relationships with our clients and also on getting the most desired services to your different legal problems.

Dedicated to legal excellence.

The law is complicated. We are not.

We are specialists in the niche of property law and hold a comprehensive understanding of the commercial and legal conditions.

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Residential & Business Litigation Attorney at law in Atlantis

  • Residential and Business Evictions
  • Magistrate’s Court and High Court Litigation
  • Real estate Disagreements
  • Disputes Involving Shares or Membership of Business Entities
  • Formulation of Contractual Case
  • Mediation Cases
  • Administration of Cash Claims and Specific Performance
Conveyancing and Property

  • Listing of Servitudes
  • Filing of Standard and Sectional Title Transfers
  • Assets Transfers
  • Deeds registry searches
  • Donation Transfers
  • Subdivision as well as Consolidations
  • Extraction of Stipulations in Title Deed Issues
We all imagine our perfect leasing world: the Tenant who always settles in time, or the Lessor that is always pleased to help. The Landlord/Tenant partnership, however, may be a difficult one to deal with. In the real world, things however are not generally so easy, in some cases this relationship can turn problematic.
Rubenstines Attorneys help draft and mediate your home and/or professional lease or go over every other matter pertaining to your predicament as a lessor or property supervisor in Atlantis.

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