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Our eviction lawyers are professionals in urgent eviction notifications in Cape Town. Eviction, additionally distinguished in several areas as an unlawful detainer, can be a tough action to understand.
So as to remove an illegal inhabitant from non commercial property, the procedure in terms of schedule 4 and 5 of the Prevention of Illegal Eviction from and Unlawful Occupation of Land Act 19 of 1998 ought to be observed. Primarily, the lessor must secure a order to dislodge an un-lawful tenant. Sections 4 to 6 of the Act provide for process in case of ejections, including for urgent eviction.
Tenants Not Paying Rent
The requirements of tenants together with lessors are protected in statutory, as well as non-statutory law in Southern Africa.
Generally there is nothing to stop a lessor from putting out a command for the unsettled rent after the tenant has been evicted.
Getting Tenants Out
The unlawful tenant will be able to show up at the court hearing on the day it is considered and dispute the process himself if he believe the eviction is unjust.
Lease Agreements
Though it isn’t a judicial requirement to possess a drafted lease arrangement, it’s strongly advocated. The lease agreement needs to illustrate all the terms– for the two parties– of the tenancy. The lease agreement grants safeguards to both of landlord and tenant in the circumstance of either one party breaking their responsibilities.
Urgent Evictions
Section 5 of the Land Act deals with urgent eviction processes. Very significantly a landlord needs to show a magistrate that there is and/or will be serious injury to persons (this may incorporate the unlawful inhabitants themselves) or even damages to the property in case that the request does not get approved. The emergency eviction is actually so powerful, that it allows for the unwilling resident or the illegal occupant to be demanded by the law court to abandon the building within 24h, neglecting which the sheriff of the court is authorised to purposely evict the wrongful inhabitant off the estate.
Time & Cost of Evictions
As an tenant may choose to retract from a residential or commercial property at pretty much any time throughout the eviction procedure, the price can substantially fluctuate with every circumstance. The rental and loss retrieval procedure is ordinarily launched alongside, and functions in conjunction to the application for the eviction process.
Landlords Rights
Though a concrete lease contract streamlines eviction steps, the lack of a lease agreement doesn’t mean that unlawful tenants can’t be removed. See more about property owners rights here.
Required Documents
The very first step would certainly be usually to obtain the acknowledged lease arrangement from the applicant and details of the transgressions of the resident. In case of the lessee cannot pay for rent, complete specifics of the arrears have to be given by the landlord.

  • Evidence of ownership
  • The contract
  • Transaction history of what is owed
  • A in-depth history of what has taken place
  • A grounds of loss or danger to a person
  • Any other Evidence (Photos) etc

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