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Our eviction legal advisers specialises in critical eviction notifications in Cape Town. With regard to evictions, some of the most important task is to prevent the financial haemorrhage.
The Prevention of Illegal Eviction from and Unlawful Occupation of Land Act (PIE) is actually an act of the Parliament of South Africa that came into effect on 5 June, 1998, and which undertakes to inhibit unreasonable eviction removals.
Tenants Not Paying Rent
On the other hand what must you do if the lessee simply halts paying their rent, and it becomes evident that he or she have no intent of paying out?
It really is in landlords primary interests none the less to cancel the lease and evict the defaulting tenants as soon as possible as the top priority ought to be to removed and replace a non-paying occupant with a paying renter.
Getting Tenants Out
An unauthorized tenant may show up at the court hearing on the day it is considered and fight for himself if he believes the eviction unjustified.
Lease Agreements
Regardless of the fact that it is not a legal requirement to have a written lease contract, it is ardently advised. The lease contract needs to define all of the terms– for both of these individuals– of the tenancy. It ensures protection to simultaneously landlord and lessee in case of either party reneging on their committals.
Urgent Evictions
Section 5 of the Land Act deals with so called urgent evictions. Most importantly a property owner must prove to a law court that there actually is and or would be serious personal injury to people (this can consist of the unauthorised occupants themselves) or even destruction to property if the court order does not get approved. An urgent eviction is actually so formidable, that it allows for the recalcitrant lessee or the illegal occupier to be demanded by the judge to move out of the home in less than 24h, declining which the sheriff of the court is permitted to purposely dislodge the unlawful tenant from the estate.
Time & Cost of Evictions
In order to evict a leaseholder in Bellville lawfully, the best way to minimize expenses and inevitably losses is to operate efficiently and effectively while eliminating needless setbacks. The rental arrears recovery procedure is generally initiated in addition to, and operates in combination to the application for the eviction processes.
Landlords Rights
Although a firm rental agreement reduces eviction steps, the absence of a lease does not suggest that unauthorised occupants can not be removed. See more about lease-holders rights here.
Required Documents
The start should be to secure the signed lease contract commitment from the applicant and specifics of the neglects of the tenant. In case that the occupant fails to pay out rental, complete particulars of the arrears should be presented by the client.

  • Evidence of ownership
  • The lease
  • Transaction history of what is owed
  • A thorough history of what has transpired
  • A foundation of losses or danger to a person
  • Any other Evidence (Pictures) etc

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Founded in 2008, Rubensteins Attorneys quickly became one of the leading law firms in Cape Town. Evictions are taken care of by Rubensteins Attorneys who is a very proficient an adept litigation attorneys with a detailed knowledge of eviction laws in South Africa. Rubensteins come with numerous successful legal evictions under their belt, for both residential and also corporate and business clients.
All these involve company and commercial to criminal & civil lawsuits, labour disputes, family or business conflict resolution, divorce law together with property related transactions. Regardless of how daunting and / or complicated the decree, we will certainly give clear, practical & commercially-sound legal advice.

Vredelust Evictions : Eviction Attorney Cape Town, Bellville Evictions, Vredelust Eviction Orders

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