Gordons Bay Eviction Help

Eviction Help For Properties in Gordons Bay (Cape Town)
Eviction Help in Gordons Bay
Howard Rubenstein started Rubensteins Attorneys in 2008. Having practiced as an Attorney since 2003 Howard has gained extensive experience in the divisions of commercial and civil litigation and criminal Law. Howard guides the firm’s litigation division supervising a dynamic team of energetic, thorough and formidable legal advisers.
We have the distinct claim of helping some of the Western Cape’s top families and companies as our clients. Delivering comprehensive range of law services , which are sustained by a team of Cape Town’s most knowledgeable legal minds ; our firm will ensure that you matter is confronted thoroughly.

Dedicated to legal excellence.

The law is complicated. We are not.

We administer a wide array of eviction matters in Gordons Bay and are skilled in home evictions, commercial evictions as well as farming eviction suits.

Map of Gordons Bay

Civil & Commercial Litigation Legal counsel in Gordons Bay

  • Home and Commercial Evictions
  • Magistrate’s Court and High Court Litigation
  • Interdictory Relief
  • Disagreements Involving Shares or Membership Rights of Business Organization Entities
  • Formulation of Contractual Case
  • Settlement Cases
  • Insurance law
Conveyancing and Real estate

  • Registration of Servitudes
  • Registration of General and Sectional Title Transfers
  • Assets Transfers
  • Formulating Deeds of Sale
  • Donation Transfers
  • Sub-division and Consolidations
  • Remediation of Limitations in Title Deed Issues
Most of us hope for our ideal leasing world: the Tenant who always pays without delay, or the Property owner that is constantly pleased to assist. The Tenant/Landlord partnership, nonetheless, could be a complicated one to regulate. In the real world, matters are not usually so easy, in many cases this partnership can turn problematic.
We are plain talking advisers, who put in the time to help you identify, understand and deal with the hazards and benefits of your circumstance, no matter if it is your personal or company specific.

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