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Step 1.

Letter of Demand

This is the first step to notify the tenant that they are in breach for failing to pay rent as per the lease agreement. It gives them 20 business days to remedy this breach as required by law.

Step 2.

Letter of Cancellation

If the tenant fails to comply with the Letter of Demand, you can cancel the lease and demand immediate vacating. If they refuse, they are in unlawful occupation and you can apply to Court for eviction.

Step 3.

Eviction Application

This is a Request for Permission to Serve, a Notice of Motion, and a Founding Affidavit. We draft these documents and appear before a Magistrate to get permission to serve the eviction application.

Step 4.

Court Appearance

If unopposed, an Eviction Order is issued, giving the tenant time to vacate before the Sheriff ejects them. If opposed, we present arguments before a Magistrate to finalise the matter.

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We pride our legal professionals can help with any eviction matters in Jagtershof. Get tardy tenants out immediately – whether or not it means granting to give up a amount of the outstanding rental.
The Prevention of Illegal Eviction from and Unlawful Occupation of Land Act (PIE) is simply an act of the Parliament of South Africa in which came into effect on 5 June, 1998, and which undertakes to defend against random eviction issues.
Tenants Not Paying Rent
What can a person do whenever a tenant stops paying due rent? Counsel an lawyer or attorney to begin eviction process? Acquire a financial debt ruling? Or reach an understanding with the tenant that allows him or her to payoff what you are owed?
That it is in landlords best interests nevertheless to terminate the lease and evict the non paying occupants immediately as the priority must be to replace a non-paying lessee with a paying tenant.
Getting Tenants Out
Proprietors whom fail to bring an eviction application in good time or follow the appropriate legal procedures may well need to endure a long and expensive process.
Lease Agreements
Your lease ought to have a contravention stipulation with it laying out the implications of breaching one of the terms of the contract. It is then up to the owner what leniency you wish to exhibit.
Urgent Evictions
Section 5 of the Land Act deals with so called urgent evictions. Very notably an individual will need to explain to a law court that there actually is and will be significant personal injury to persons (that could incorporate the wrongful occupants themselves) alternatively damage to residential or commercial property should the request is not granted. The emergency eviction is so compelling, that it enables the recalcitrant lessee or the prohibited occupant being ordered by the law court to leave the residential or commercial property within 1 day, neglecting which the officer of the court is authorised to emphatically evict the illegal occupier off the residential property.
Time & Cost of Evictions
Considering that an tenant may opt to clear a home at pretty much any point during the eviction proceeding, the cost can substantially vary with circumstances. The rental fee and loss recuperation procedure is typically instituted hand and hand, and runs in conjunction to the application for eviction process.
Landlords Rights
Even-though a firm lease legal contract simplifies eviction practices, the lack thereof doesn’t mean that an illegal residents can’t be evicted. Find out more about lease-holders rights here.
Required Documents
The first step will be usually to secure the signed rental arrangement from the applicant and details of the transgressions of the lessee. In the event of the lessee cannot compensate rental, comprehensive specifics of the debts needs to be presented by the landlord.

  • Facts of ownership
  • The contract
  • Financial transaction history of what is owed
  • A in-depth history of what has taken place
  • A grounds of compensations or danger to a person
  • Any other Evidence (Pictures) etc

Evictions in Cape Town's of Jagtershof

Jaggershof Evictions : Are you a landlord or property owner in Jagtershof, Cape Town? Seeking eviction advice from expert attorneys/lawyers? Contact Rubensteins Attorneys for fast and efficient legal eviction notices.

Evictions in Cape Town's of Jagtershof

Eviction Notice Lawyers for Jagtershof in Cape Town

Established in 2008, Rubensteins Attorneys is fast turning into one of the major legal in Cape Town. All evictions are dealt with by Rubensteins Attorneys who is a exceptionally skilled an experienced litigation lawyers with a exhaustive understanding of eviction laws in Cape Town. Rubensteins come with numerous successful evictions in their portfolio, for both private in addition to corporate clients.
All these also include company & commercial to civil & criminal litigation, labour disputes, business or family conflict resolution, family law as well as property dealings. At Rubensteins we have fostered a synergistic culture, in which our staff help one another to achieve the very best results for our valued clients.

Jagtershof Evictions : Cape Town Evictions, Kuils River Evictions, Jagtershof Eviction Orders

Navigating the eviction process in Cape Town requires precision, expertise, and a thorough understanding of South Africa's stringent legal requirements. At Rubensteins Attorneys, we specialise in both residential and commercial evictions, providing you with comprehensive support every step of the way. Our dedicated team ensures that your eviction proceedings are handled efficiently, legally, and with minimal disruption to your property management. We prioritise your best interests, offering clear, pragmatic advice and innovative solutions tailored to your specific needs. With our extensive experience and commitment to excellence, Rubensteins Attorneys is your trusted partner for securing fast, cost-effective eviction orders and maintaining effective property management.

We understand the urgency of resolving tenant disputes and restoring your property rights and we strive to deliver swift, reliable results. We keep you informed throughout the process, providing regular updates and consultations to address any concerns and ensure a smooth eviction process. Trust Rubensteins Attorneys to handle your evictions with the professionalism and efficiency you deserve.

Our services include preparing all necessary legal documents, representation in court, and strategic planning to avoid future disputes. We stay updated on the latest legal developments and leverage our deep knowledge of property law to protect your interests. Choose Rubensteins Attorneys for an eviction service that combines legal excellence with practical advice, ensuring your property management challenges are resolved efficiently and effectively.

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