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Official advice and representation with a wide array of eviction related concerns. Get tardy lessees out asap – even if it spells offering to mark down a amount of the arrear rental revenue.
In abstract, Prevention of Illegal Eviction from and Unlawful Occupation of Land Act delivers processes for eviction of illegal residents and restricts unlawful evictions. The primary goal of the Act is simply to provide protection to both inhabitants and landowners. The home owner or landlord must observe the stipulations of the Prevention of Illegal Eviction from and Unlawful Occupation of Land Act (PIE) if they would like to evict a lessee.
Tenants Not Paying Rent
Exactly what must a person do when a lessee refrains from paying their renal commitments? Instruct an legal professional to set in motion eviction process? Get a debt judgment? Or even get to an agreement with the occupant that makes it possible for them to payoff what you are owed?
There is nothing to stop a property owner from issuing a command for the unpaid rental immediately after the lessee has been evicted.
Getting Tenants Out
Problems resulting from delayed action or improper legal processeses often results in more legal services fees, loss of rental revenue and inflated risk of damages to the property.
Lease Agreements
Regardless of the fact that it isn’t a judicial condition to have a written lease, it’s highly advised. The contract should define each of the conditions– for both of these individuals– of the tenancy. The lease grants security to both of property owner and lessee in the circumstance of any party defaulting on their responsibilities.
Urgent Evictions
Section 5 of the Land Act deals with so called urgent evictions. Most notably one needs to explain to a judge that there actually is and or would be substantial personal injury to people (this can involve the unauthorised tenants themselves) alternatively damage to the property in case that the court order does not get awarded. An urgent eviction is so formidable, that it enables the unwilling tenant or the prohibited inhabitant to be ordered by the judge to abandon the home in less than 1 day, neglecting which the officer of the court is permitted to forcefully evict the prohibited resident off the residential or commercial property.
Time & Cost of Evictions
To expel a resident in Durbanville legally, the most effective way to lower costs and ultimately losses is to act efficiently and proficiently while steering clear of unnecessary setbacks. The rental fee arrears retrieval procedure is typically initiated in addition to, and works in line with the application of the eviction proceeding.
Landlords Rights
Although a iron clad rental contract streamlines eviction steps, the lack thereof does not mean that an illegal tenants cannot be subject to an eviction. See more about property owners rights here.
Required Documents
The first step should be normally to attain the acknowledged lease commitment from the client and specifics of the transgressions of the lessee. In the event that the occupant cannot pay rental, complete particulars of the debts must be presented by the client.

  • Confirmation of ownership
  • The lease
  • Transaction history of what is owed
  • A thorough history of what has transpired
  • A basis of losses or danger to a person
  • Any other Evidence (Photos) etc

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