Milnerton Eviction Help

Eviction Aid For Properties in Milnerton (Cape Town)
Eviction Help in Milnerton
Howard Rubenstein started Rubensteins Law Practice in 2008. Having already operated as an Legal professional since 2003 Howard gained comprehensive expertise in the spheres of business and civil litigation and criminal Law. Howard manages the company’s litigation department looking after a dynamic team of forcible, conscientious and ambitious legal practitioners.
Our company has thorough expertise with all kinds of business, civil issues and real estate litigation and we appeal to you to talk to us with any specialised inquiries you may be dealing with.

Dedicated to legal services excellence.

The law is complicated. We are not.

We handle a wide range of eviction matters in Milnerton and specialize in home evictions, commercial evictions as well as farm eviction matters.

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Civil & Commercial Litigation Lawyer in Milnerton

  • Home and Commercial Evictions
  • Magistrate’s Court and High Court Litigation
  • Sale and Purchase Disputes
  • Issues Involving Shareholding or Members of Company Entities
  • Formulation of Legal Case
  • Settlement Proceedings
  • Insurance policy law
Conveyancing and Real estate

  • Drawing Business and Domestic Rent Contracts
  • Enrollment of General and Sectional Title Transfers
  • Estate Transfers
  • Drawing Up Deeds of Sale
  • Contribution Transfers
  • Subdivision and Consolidations
  • Opening of Sectional Title Registers
Most of us long for our perfect renting world: the Renter which constantly settles without delay, or the Lessor that is constantly delighted to assist. The Landlord/Tenant collaboration, unfortunately, can be a tough one to deal with. In the physical world, factors are not usually so easy, in many cases this association can turn onto a bigger concern.
Rubenstines Attorneys serve to help draft and settle your housing and/or business lease contract or review all other matter pertaining to your predicament as a proprietor or property supervisor in Milnerton.

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