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Step 1.

Letter of Demand

This is the first step to notify the tenant that they are in breach for failing to pay rent as per the lease agreement. It gives them 20 business days to remedy this breach as required by law.

Step 2.

Letter of Cancellation

If the tenant fails to comply with the Letter of Demand, you can cancel the lease and demand immediate vacating. If they refuse, they are in unlawful occupation and you can apply to Court for eviction.

Step 3.

Eviction Application

This is a Request for Permission to Serve, a Notice of Motion, and a Founding Affidavit. We draft these documents and appear before a Magistrate to get permission to serve the eviction application.

Step 4.

Court Appearance

If unopposed, an Eviction Order is issued, giving the tenant time to vacate before the Sheriff ejects them. If opposed, we present arguments before a Magistrate to finalise the matter.

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Our experts have indeed placed ourselves at the leading edge of the boutique eviction services providers competent, renowned, trusted, and efficient eviction regulation in Kanana, Gugulethu. It is very important for any kind of property manager or financier having a rental portfolio to acquaint themselves with the PIE Act together with the different methods it sets out for officially handling overdue lessees.
In relations to the Constitution of South Africa, Nobody can be forced out from their household, or have their home knocked down, without an order of court made once taking into account all the applicable scenarios. Absolutely no legislation could authorise irresponsible evictions.” PIE sets out the procedure to be adhered to in the case of these types of removals.
Tenants Not Paying Rent
But just what would you do if the occupant just ends paying rent, and it becomes evident that they have zero intention of compensating?
There is nothing to prevent a lessor from dispatching a summons for the overdue rent immediately after the occupant has been expelled.
Getting Tenants Out
Delays arising from delayed action or flawed legal strategies frequently provokes increased legal expenses, loss of rent income and increased risk of damages to the residential or commercial property.
Lease Agreements
Your lease should have a contravention section with it detailing the repercussions of breaching any of the stipulations of the contract. It is up to the owner the amount of lenience you wish to demonstrate.
Urgent Evictions
Section 5 of the Land Act deals with so called urgent eviction processes. Most notably one will need to show a law court that there actually is and or will be considerable personal injury to people (that could incorporate the unlawful occupiers themselves) or else destruction to the property in case that the request is not granted. The urgent eviction is actually so formidable, that it offsets the defiant lessee or the prohibited occupier being ordered by the court to leave the building inside 1 day, failing which the sheriff of the court is permitted to forcefully dislodge the illegal inhabitant from the home.
Time & Cost of Evictions
As an tenant can choose to retract from a home at any time throughout the eviction proceeding, the costs can substantially vary with circumstances. The rent payment debts recovery procedure is normally started hand and hand, and runs in line with the application of the legal eviction procedure.
Landlords Rights
Although a iron clad rental legal contract shortens eviction procedures, the absence of a lease agreement does not imply that unlawful residents can not be evicted. Find out more about property owners rights and duties here.
Required Documents
The very first step would certainly be to get the signed lease agreement from the home-owner and specifics of the neglects of the lessee. In the event of the tenant cannot compensate rent, comprehensive specifications of the delinquencies have to be presented by the client.

  • Confirmation of ownership
  • The lease
  • Financial transaction history of what is owed
  • A thorough background of what has transpired
  • A basis of compensations or harm to a person
  • Any other Evidence (Photos) etc

Legal Evictions in Kanana, Cape Town Understanding the Process

Kanana Evictions : Are you a landlord or property owner seeking eviction advice? Get expert assistance from Rubensteins Attorneys, Cape Town's leading legal eviction specialists in Kanana Evictions. Fast and effective eviction notices provided.

Legal Evictions in Kanana, Cape Town Understanding the Process

Eviction Notice Attorneys for Kanana in Cape Town

Established in 2008, Rubensteins Attorneys is rapidly becoming one of the major law firms in Cape Town. Our primary focus is on giving the absolute best law insight for our valued clients.
Our law firm in Kanana resolves to achieve the absolute most cost effective and effective handling of your matters. Our aim is to go above and beyond, to exceed expectations and to put our clients requirements foremost.

Kanana Evictions : Cape Town Legal Evictions, Gugulethu Evictions, Kanana Eviction Notice

Navigating the eviction process in Cape Town requires precision, expertise, and a thorough understanding of South Africa's stringent legal requirements. At Rubensteins Attorneys, we specialise in both residential and commercial evictions, providing you with comprehensive support every step of the way. Our dedicated team ensures that your eviction proceedings are handled efficiently, legally, and with minimal disruption to your property management. We prioritise your best interests, offering clear, pragmatic advice and innovative solutions tailored to your specific needs. With our extensive experience and commitment to excellence, Rubensteins Attorneys is your trusted partner for securing fast, cost-effective eviction orders and maintaining effective property management.

We understand the urgency of resolving tenant disputes and restoring your property rights and we strive to deliver swift, reliable results. We keep you informed throughout the process, providing regular updates and consultations to address any concerns and ensure a smooth eviction process. Trust Rubensteins Attorneys to handle your evictions with the professionalism and efficiency you deserve.

Our services include preparing all necessary legal documents, representation in court, and strategic planning to avoid future disputes. We stay updated on the latest legal developments and leverage our deep knowledge of property law to protect your interests. Choose Rubensteins Attorneys for an eviction service that combines legal excellence with practical advice, ensuring your property management challenges are resolved efficiently and effectively.

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